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1600L vacum carne máquina de tumbler

Información básica

Modelo: GR-1600

Descripción del producto

Descripción del producto

Taking advantage of the physical impact principle, the machine makes meat rolled and impacted in the roller under vacuum condition to be salted.

The machine is able to make the meat salted evenly to increase meat adhesive force and elasticity, better the product taste and section effect, enhance production rate and water retention, and improve the internal structure of the product.

In addition to the features above, the new generation automatic vacuum rolling machine has the function of computer control and variable frequency technique.

New-updated remote control operating system makes the machine safer, more convenient, more energy-saving and more high-efficient.

The stainless steel material, the compact structure, and rolling spinning closure cap structure on both sides enable the machine to have such advantages as evenly effect, little noise, reliable function, easy operation and high efficiency


Technical parameter

Model Productivity Volume Power Roll speed Vaccum degree Weight Dimension(mm)
Gr-1600 800-1000kg 1600L 5.2/6.2kw 7.5/11.2 rpm -0.08mpa 1250kg 2100*1500*2000
barrel roll
   Vacuum oump
   Electric box

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